Friday, 20 June 2008

What is GAFCON? The Archbishop of Uganda explains

By: Archbishop Henry Orombi.

The Archbishop of Uganda explains what is behind the meeting in Israel this week
What is GAFCON – Global Anglican Future Conference?
What is GAFCON?

GAFCON is the Global Anglican Future Conference ( being held in Jerusalem from 22nd – 29th June 2008. There are three purposes: 1. To provide an opportunity for fellowship as well as to continue to experience and proclaim the transforming love of Jesus Christ 2. To develop a renewed understanding of our identity as Anglican Christians. 3. To prepare for an Anglican future in which the Gospel is uncompromised and Christ-centred mission is a top priority.

Who is organizing GAFCON?

GAFCON was conceived by the Anglican Archbishops of Nigeria, Uganda, Kenya, Rwanda, Tanzania, the Southern Cone (South America), and Sydney (Australia). Evangelical Anglican Bishops from the UK and the USA were also involved in its organization.

How many people will participate in GAFCON?

More than 1,000 people have registered for GAFCON, including more than 280 Bishops, their wives, clergy and non-ordained church leaders. One hundred and seven (107) people from Uganda will be going, including 34 Bishops.

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