Wednesday, 18 June 2008

Bishop of London writes to congregations, Revd Dr Martin Dudley

(Ed: The Bishop of London has now written both to congregations in his diocese and to the Rector of St Bartholomew the Great.)

Sent: 18 June 2008 12:02
Subject: Communication from the Bishop of London re St Bartholomew the Great

Clergy in the Diocese of London
Diocesan Readers
PCC Secretaries
PCC Treasurers
Deanery Lay Chairs
Members of the Diocesan Synod
Members of the Bishop’s Council

Please find attached two letters which the Bishop of London has asked me to circulate.

With best wishes
Robert Hargrave
Diocesan Communications

18th June 2008

Dear Friends,

Many of you will have seen the publicity over the weekend around the service which was held at St Bartholomew the Great on May 31st. I attach a letter I have written to the Rector which sets out the situation as I understand it.

So much good work is being done both nationally and internationally by the Church as it seeks in the spirit of Jesus Christ to address some of the global issues of peace, justice and poverty that confront the peoples of the world. It would be a tragedy if this episode were to distract us from the big agenda.

With thanks for our partnership in the Gospel.

The Rt Revd & Rt Hon Richard Chartres DD FSA

18th June 2008

The Reverend Dr Martin Dudley,
St Bartholomew the Great Parish Office,
6 Kinghorn Street,

Dear Martin,

You have sought to justify your actions to the BBC and in various newspapers but have failed more than two weeks after the service to communicate with me.

I read in the press that you had been planning this event since November. I find it astonishing that you did not take the opportunity to consult your Bishop.

You describe the result as “familiar words reordered and reconfigured carrying new meanings.” I note that the order of service, which I have now received, includes the phrase “With this ring I thee bind, with my body I thee worship”.

At first sight this seems to break the House of Bishops Guidelines which as I explained in my letter of December 6th 2005 apply the traditional teaching of the Church of England to the new circumstances created by the enactment of Civil Partnerships.

The point at issue is not Civil Partnerships themselves or the relation of biblical teaching to homosexual practice. There is of course a range of opinion on these matters in the Church and, as you know, homophobia is not tolerated in the Diocese of London. The real issue is whether you wilfully defied the discipline of the Church and broke your oath of canonical obedience to your Bishop.

The Archbishops have already issued a statement in which they say that “those clergy who disagree with the Church’s teaching are at liberty to seek to persuade others within the Church of the reasons why they believe, in the light of Scripture, tradition and reason that it should be changed. But they are not at liberty simply to disregard it.”

St Bartholomew’s is not a personal fiefdom. You serve there as an ordained minister of the Church of England, under the authority of the Canons and as someone who enjoys my licence. I have already asked the Archdeacon of London to commence the investigation and I shall be referring the matter to the Chancellor of the Diocese. Before I do this, I am giving you an opportunity to make representations to me direct.

Yours faithfully.

The Rt Revd & Rt Hon Richard Chartres DD FSA

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Daniel F. said...

What an insipid letter to congregations from the Bishop. As for the letter to Dudley, apparently Dudley's offense was that he didn't inform the Bishop first. Never mind the contempt for the Word of God and the Lambeth Resolution. Anglicanism continues his march into irrelevance.

Reverend Lee Stewart said...

It is not matter of whether you think the "Rules" were broken, but the wording of the letter by the Bishop of London is totally wrong! Why you may ask? He is carrying on like some 13th Century holder of the office rather than 21st century.Is it always about obedience to the Bishop regardless! I too have received a letter with the same language & tone & in the end it does no good. You feel belittled & condemned & therefore react like wise; with anger & no longer respect that Bishop. Bishops, what ever their position, need to get rid of their egos!!!