Saturday, 21 June 2008

The Guardian: Conservatives rule out Anglican reconciliation on gay clergy

(Ed: Most curious in this piece is the quote from the Bishop of Durham at the end implying that those who don't attend the Lambeth Conference are ipso facto becoming 'right wing'. What this in fact reflects is his own political agenda emerging from his own theology [see his Surprised by Hope], which may not, of course, necessarily be the opposite to the political agenda that emerges from other theologies - a fact he doesn't seem to have fully appreciated.)

There is no longer any hope for a unified Anglican communion because of divisions over homosexual clergy and civil partnerships, according to conservative bishops gathering in Jerusalem for a breakaway summit.

Clergy attending the Global Anglican Futures Conference (Gafcon), which starts tomorrow, have issued a manifesto declaring there is no possibility of reconciliation with the Episcopal church in the US and the Anglican church of Canada, because both ordain gay bishops and accept same-sex unions. The summit comes in the wake of controversy around the "wedding" of two gay priests at St Bartholomew the Great church in the City of London.

About 200 of the 280 bishops in Jerusalem will boycott this summer's Lambeth conference, an event symbolising one of the four instruments that binds the church. Although the Archbishop of Canterbury invited more than 800 bishops, those from Nigeria, Rwanda, Kenya and Uganda are shunning his conference in favour of one reflecting their views.

They join bishops from England, Australia and some Asian and Latin America countries. Eight American bishops, unhappy with their church's direction, will also be attending. Read more

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