Monday, 16 June 2008

From another blog, commenting on that 'wedding'

Ed: I just picked up this posted comment from Peter Ould's blog where a lengthy discussion is under way, particularly over what the Bishop of London might do about that 'wedding':

winston June 16, 2008 7:18 pm

So, if you are right no5, we will watch the diocese of London polarise and Bishop Richard’s holding of the tensions collapse - well, so be it! It will be interesting to see all those gay archdeacons etc (see earlier post) respond, maybe it is what we have needed. What I do know is Bishop Richard has not prepared himself for the fall out from his diocese at war over this issue. He is still appointing gay clergy in relationships to senior posts in his diocese. I suspect if he is forced to show his hand, he would support the traditional view while being surrounded by many that do not, and they will have to decide what to do.

Thankfully, I now serve in the Chelmsford diocese, here we have a bishop who is honest and open about what he believes, and he affirms and supports his gay clergy.

By the way, I am not willing to accept that the awful phrase ‘enforceable directive’ is now mine by virtue of my ordination. I will bide my time waiting for some form of a canon that makes ‘Issues in Human Sexuality’, the declaration of the Primates, the Lambeth Resolutions, the Bishop’s Pastoral Statement legally binding in this realm, and then will respond according to conscience.

Thanks for the discussion. I am not sure how far it has got us, but the call of deanery synod pulls me to a higher place. Read more

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