Saturday, 21 June 2008

Daily Telegraph: Archbishop of Canterbury's control over Anglicans 'is ending'

The Archbishop of Canterbury's control over the worldwide Anglican Communion is ending as the balance of power shifts to developing countries, according to a leading conservative.

The Rt Rev Robert Duncan, the Bishop of Pittsburgh, echoed the words of other traditionalists who have warned this week that the church is "disintegrating" and faces a historic split over homosexuality and same-sex unions.

Speaking at a breakaway summit in Jerusalem, he said all Anglicans face the choice of remaining true to Scripture or following liberals on a road to "disunity and destruction".

Bishop Duncan claimed the "crisis" over sexuality called for a new settlement of Anglicanism similar to that which formed the current church in the Reformation.

He said the new church would not be British or Western, based around the Archbishop of Canterbury, but would be "post-colonial" and would be driven mainly by the Global South - Africa, Asia and South America.

In a speech delivered to leaders of the Gafcon conference, Bishop Duncan said: "We who are gathered here recognise that the Reformation settlement of Anglicanism has disintegrated.

"We know that we are at a turning point in Anglican history, a place where two roads diverge." Read more
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