Friday, 20 June 2008

ABp Peter Jensen on GAFCON

Archbishop Peter Jensen talks about the aims of GAFCON and outlines the conference program.

GAFCON news conference 19/6/08


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Robert Ian Williams said...

I have just read the GAFCON HANDBOOK and I am amazed how inclusive it is. The section on liturgy completely air brushes out the Protestantism of Cranmer. Vafgue phrasesa re given as to the sacraments. Baptism is described as an " effectual sign of grace, " but no detailed definition of what it does is given. Diversity of worship is praised and this is obviously a sop to Anglo-Catholicism.

On marriage there is NO reference to the teaching of Our Lord, and the section is simply rooted in the creation ordinance of Genesis.

Casual divorce is condemned but not divorce per se.

Criticism of the Presiding bishop is made as regards her liberalism and not her sex, but to keep , Kenya, Rwanda and Uganda on board womens ordination or headship is never attacked!

If this is restoration of Anglican orthodoxty, I'm a Dutchman!