Sunday, 15 June 2008

Christian preachers to gather in Birmingham 'no-go' area

CHRISTIANS from all over the country were gathering in Birmingham today following claims that two ministers were ejected by police for preaching the word of Jesus.

Followers from Christian Voice have accused West Midlands Police for turning the predominately Muslim area of Alum Rock into a no-go zone for non-Muslims.

The Carmarthen-based group was heading into Alum Rock today to distribute Christian leaflets and share the Gospel with passers-by.

Stephen Green, national director of Christian Voice, said: “We are coming to preach the Gospel and to show West Midlands Police that they cannot create a Muslim ghetto for the Gospel.

“If a West Midlands Police Community Support Officer and a police constable told the preachers to leave the area that sounds like a no-go area and they need to be told that this is just wrong.

“I’m sure that most Muslims would agree with having freedom of speech.” Read more
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