Tuesday, 12 February 2008

Yasmin Alibhai-Brown (The Independent): What the Archbishop wishes on us is an abomination

[...] Dr Williams says Muslims want the choice to opt for sharia. What he believes to be choice is, in truth, inner compulsion, the result of brainwashing which begins in the madrassas when girls and boys are young enough to mould.

I have often admired the Archbishop's lofty thoughts, his intellectualism, the passion for human rights, his guts when the Government needs to be chastised. But this time his kind indulgences betray his own invaluable principles and deliver Muslim women, girls and dissidents into the hands of religious persecutors – an unforgivable intervention, which I hope he now sincerely regrets. Read more

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andy gr said...

On the other hand, I’ve never before walked through my (suburban British) parish and been approached by Moslems who don’t know me. Yesterday I was approached by a Moslem thanking me for the way the Archbishop was willing to say unpopular things because he loves Moslems. It gave me the opportunity to say that the Church of England would always be for him, even if British society wasn’t.

And for the record: I’m a reasserter who believes the Archbishop's remarks were unhelpful, and that evangelism is crucial; but the evangelism of British Moslems will be impossible unless Moslems see that the church loves them more than Britain does. At least this debacle may have led some British Moslems to see that Christianity and British attitudes are not identical.

andy griffiths, galleywood, chelmsford

Revd John P Richardson said...

Andy, can't help noticing it was a man who approached you. The obvious contrast is between the attitude we must show to Muslims and the gospel we must share with them. "More Shari'ah for Muslims" is the same as saying, "More Torah for Jews." Culturally sensitive, yes, but theologically mistaken. So we must find a way round this issue.

andy gr said...

Agreed 100%, John.

But I was still glad he approached me...

andy griffiths, galleywood