Thursday, 14 February 2008

More brickbats for the Archbishop - unfortunately!

Christopher Hitchens: To Hell with the Archbishop of Canterbury

Ekklesia: Archbishop's speech shows need for disestablishment

Ekklesia (again): What lies beyond Lambeth's Sharia humiliation?

Theo Hobson: Rowan Williams: sharia furore, Anglican future

And this from Nigeria: "Sharia in England?": "Why must it be the leader of the Church of England espousing "accommodation", which is actually the adoption of a binary system of culture? Experience has shown that the entrenchment of Sharia, even in its mildest form, will eventually lead to the adoption of the ultimate aspects of it or there will never be peace. People like Rowan, in their liberal naivete, are handing over their culture, their country and their Church over to a rival culture which is strong, focused, determined, delighted and eager to take it!"

Does anyone know of a Christian commentator who has supported not just the Archbishop personally, but his actual proposals to extend the accommodation of Shari'ah within the English legal system? Please post a comment here if you do.

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