Tuesday, 12 February 2008

Islam online: Archbishop - Shariah law “unavoidable” in UK

[...] Meanwhile, Muslim leaders tried to clarify Dr. Williams’ recommendation to the British society, including Dilwar Hussain of the Islamic Foundation, an influential think-tank on Muslims in Europe, who said non-Muslims must be reassured that nobody wants to invent a new legal system.

“Most Muslims are perfectly happy with the legal system as it exists in the UK. They support it. It protects them; it includes provisions for Halal food and for banking services. In other words, some of the most important things that concern people are already there in the system”, he told the BBC.

"We are not seeking the introduction of a new system - absolutely not. But there are some areas, issues around families for example, where many Muslims would like to be able to find solutions according to what they believe. That is not incompatible with our law."

Ibrahim Mogra, of the Muslim Council of Britain, agreed, saying: “we're looking at a very small aspect of Shariah for Muslim families when they choose to be governed with regards to their marriage, divorce, inheritance, custody of children and so forth”.

"Let's debate this issue. It is very complex. It is not as straight forward as saying that we will have a system here”, he added. Read more
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