Saturday, 16 February 2008

Liverpool Echo: It’s Williams’ time to use the battle bus

WHEN our Queen starts worrying about the Church of England, we should all sit up and take notice.

This wise woman, who has been a rock in our lifetimes, only speaks out when she has something of great importance and good sense to say – unlike the Archbishop of Canterbury whose soundings on Sharia law have placed the Church at loggerheads with many of the population and increased community tension.

The Queen, always sensitive to the mood of the people, clearly senses that the nation has had enough.

She is worried that the Archbishop has brought the church into disrepute and probably wishes like many of us that the clergy would concentrate on rebuilding Christianity.

What the Church needs now is a Billy Graham- type figure to speak eloquently and engagingly about why they are Christians.

Church attendances are falling all the time.

In cities, they are becoming carpet warehouses, cafes or somesuch.

Given all this, isn’t it time Dr Williams started travelling round the country in a battle bus, giving stirring sermons in Billy Graham-type tents which might draw crowds back to the churches – and which, incidentally, might help reduce the crime rate. Source

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