Friday, 15 February 2008

Peterborough Today: Why everyone is talking about Sharia Law

[...] I have to point out that, despite being a Muslim, I can honestly say I don't really know what is meant by Sharia law.

Surely we don't need a law in place to practice our belief?

Shouldn't our faith be exactly that, rather than an assertion of some law, and would it not mean different things to different people? Something to think about or not.

However, I think it is always difficult to address such issues and I give the Archbishop of Canterbury some credit for trying to open it up for debate, but I think it's a shame he felt he had to apologise.

Apparently he said that he "took responsibility for any un-clarity", but how on earth can you clarify something so broad? When a subject like that is tackled it can mean all sorts of things for each individual and they will hear it as they want to, rather than what is being implied.

Truth be known, I have on more than one occasion had discussions where people have felt that it might be productive if certain Islamic values were applied to Britain, but do you think anyone is ready to hear that? No is the short answer.

Anyway, I believe the real reason it won't work is because whoever will be implementing Sharia law will either know the cousin, brother, sister, all 17 members of the family or they'll be the next door neighbour. Read more

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