Friday, 15 February 2008

Daily Mail: Soulless. Nihilistic. The way the young drink today terrifies me - and we're to blame

Ed: As good an argument for a modicum of Shari'ah law as I've seen anywhere.)

[...] No child can become a responsible adult without learning about boundaries, but for many, boundaries are a foreign concept.

Earlier generations learned from their parents, their teachers and the local bobby the qualities of consideration, good manners, respect for others and obedience - and to fear the consequences of bad actions.

But for so many of today's children, a parent is too often someone who lets you do what you like. They scream at any neighbour who complains about you, and provides cash on demand for clothes, trainers and, yes, even drink.

The teacher who tries to impose authority is all too often disciplined himself for infringing the rights of his pupils; and as for the local bobby, well, he doesn't even exist.

Of course, if young people cross the line that forces the justice system to do something, they may end up in court; but the penalties they face are so pathetic as to incur only their contempt.

Even more fundamentally, the triumph of political correctness has denied the young any pride in their culture and history.

When I look at Barack Obama expressing his pride in being an American, I could weep for all those English children who have been taught to be ashamed of their heritage.

Gordon Brown may say portentous things about Britishness, but his government continues to undermine the family, to destroy the teaching profession and the police force with target-setting and political correctness.

They have also increased surveillance levels in this most spied-on society in Europe in the hope of controlling an increasingly lawless population.

Our society is in bad trouble, with vicious youths merely a symptom.

What has gone wrong went wrong on our watch.

Unless we, as electors, have the will to challenge the irresponsible benefits culture, the erosion of educational standards, the loss of focus of the police, the unworldliness of the courts and the ineffectualness of our parliamentarians.

As well as the incompetence of our ministers and the war being conducted by a contemptuous elite against our nation's very identity, there will be ever more aimless young people destroying their own lives and those of others as they drink their lives away. Read more
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