Friday, 13 June 2008

'Towards the Conversion of England'

As a resource for PCCs and others considering Church growth, we have posted on the Saffron Walden Deanery Growth website some extracts from the report Towards the Conversion of England, published in 1945, but now out of print and almost unobtainable.

The report was produced following a Resolution of the Church Assembly (the forerunner of the General Synod) passed at the Summer session in 1943, and owed much to the inspiration of Archbishop William Temple.

As can be seen, the report identified an urgent need to bring the gospel to England once the war was over, describing the challenges and putting forward suggestions as to what needed to be done. Unfortunately, Archbishop Temple died before the report was produced. Instead of evangelism, the focus of the Church of England's governing bodies throughout the fifties and sixties was directed to the revision of Canon Law. The report may be accessed here.

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