Sunday, 8 June 2008

Times Obituary: Christoper Morgan

Christopher Morgan’s remarkable combination of faith and journalism was perhaps best encapsulated on the day he chased the Bishop of London round St Paul’s cathedral.

Morgan, the religious affairs correspondent of The Sunday Times, who died tragically nine days ago aged 55, had learned through highly-placed sources that the late Princess Diana had left an unpublished “letter of wishes” and he set out to confirm the information with the Right Reverend Richard Chartres, an independent executor of Diana’ will.

“Off Chris went to St Paul’s, which was where the bishop was, but the bishop was playing deaf and didn’t want to answer any questions,” recalled an old friend. “Chartres tried to escape, but Chris knew the layout of the cathedral as well as anyone. Chartes would go off in one direction, and then Chris would reappear from some secret passageway and confront him again. At one point, according to the tale Chris used to tell, the bishop broke into a trot. It was like something out of Benny Hill.” Read more

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