Monday, 12 November 2007

Why do we have so many children with an empty hole where their hearts should be?

[...] Why do so many young people entering adulthood possess only a void where their emotions should be? If we are witnessing, as we appear to be, some of kind of quiet apocalypse – a generation blighted by inability to empathise or understand other people’s feelings – then the very least we should do is to discover the reasons.

The answer is straightforward. The overwhelming cause is that so many children grow up with drug or alcohol addicted parents. It wouldn’t surprise me if all the teenagers involved in some of the worst incidents we hear of had addict parents. If youngsters spend their formative years reliant on a parent who is in the mastery of addiction, then it’s simple – they grow up devoid of love and tenderness. Their parents are rarely present mentally (even if they are physically) because their brains are addled. The children have no concept of compassion, because they have never been shown any. They grow up ignored. Read more
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