Wednesday, 14 November 2007

Meet the real life Vicar of Dibley

It’s just as well women can multi-task. Jenny Hill’s occupation is certainly a varied one. Her incredibly long days can see her organising a baptism, making a funeral visit and then conducting a marriage interview.

And when it comes to Sunday lunch – she manages to get back home just in time to do the gravy.

Reverend Jenny Hill’s life could almost be as hectic as the Vicar of Dibley’s.

But the 57-year-old Rural Dean of Walsall is no actress – she balances her vocation and family in the real world.

Rev Hill, who was ordained 10 years ago, is one of the many females to have joined the church over the years.

New figures have revealed that more women than men were ordained as clergy in the Church of England last year for the first time since the introduction of female priests. The Church of England said it ordained 478 new clergy in 2006. Of those, 244 were women and 234 men.

The majority of the women were ordained to non-stipendiary or unpaid posts, such as working as assistant priests.

Rev Hill, who is also minister at St Mark’s Church, in Green Lane, Shelfield, says she is delighted that more and more women are entering the Church. Read more

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