Thursday, 15 November 2007

Chelmsford Diocese launches campaign to keep Church Urban Fund investing in communities

2008 will see a major fund-raising drive to raise £500,000 for the Church Urban Fund from Chelmsford Diocese. Since 1987 CUF has given more than 191 grants totalling nearly £2.5 million to projects and organisations in Essex and East London. The Fund supports faith-based social action projects in their mission to be good news.

CUF tackles deprivation at the grass roots, attracts external funds and helps projects to be self-sustaining. As well as this it helps to keep the Church’s mission remain relevant to local communities.

But funds raised 20 years ago are due to be exhausted around now. So CUF is being re-launched as part of a national strategy. The approach is to create a structure that liberates and empowers deaneries and parishes to create local projects with full support from the centre. Deanery champions will be organising local fundraising initiatives and events throughout 2008. Read more
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