Thursday, 4 October 2007

White Anglicans accused of pressuring African churches on anti-gay agenda

Lesbian and gay Christians in the UK have criticised primarily white conservative Christians for pressurising African Anglican leaders to back them, and have said that the US Episcopal Church's compromise in saying it will not ordain gay people or bless partnerships at the moment is likely to backfire.

The response comes after a press release from the conservative Church Society network in England, effectively telling African Anglican churches meeting in Mauritius over the next few days to take a series of measures to outlaw Western churches who take a different view to them.

The bishops will be meeting under the banner of CAPA (Council of Anglican Provinces of Africa) which includes the provinces of Burundi, Congo, Central Africa, Egypt, Indian Ocean, Kenya, Nigeria, Rwanda, Sudan, Southern Africa, Tanzania, Uganda and West Africa. CAPA is chaired by Archbishop Peter Akinola - an outspoken opponent of recognising lesbian and gay people.

Church Society says it wants African bishops to declare that the US House of Bishops has "abandoned orthodox Christianity", refuse to recognise their orders, refuse fellowship with them, boycott the 2008 Lambeth Conference 2008 and call for its suspension, and "require the withdrawal of The US Episcopal Church as a body from the Primates Meetings, The Anglican Consultative Council and future Lambeth Conferences." Read more

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