Wednesday, 3 October 2007

'Mother Church of Georgia' Aligns with Province of Uganda

The rector and vestry of Christ Church, Savannah, Ga., announced Sept. 30 that they have voted to leave The Episcopal Church, placing the parish under the pastoral care of the Rt. Rev. John Guernsey, a missionary Bishop from the Anglican Province of Uganda.

“This is a sober moment for us, but our first allegiance is to the Lord Jesus Christ and God’s word revealed to us in the Holy Bible,” said Steve Dantin, senior warden. “In February 2007, The Episcopal Church (TEC) received a final call from the Anglican Communion to return to the central tenets of Christianity, and TEC failed to comply with the request by the September 30 deadline. Therefore TEC has abandoned the communion previously existing between TEC (including the Diocese of Georgia) and Christ Church.”

A release distributed by the parish leadership notes that the vote to disassociate follows a seven-year period of discernment and prayer.

Christ Church was founded in 1733 at roughly the same time as the Colony of Georgia. The parish lists more than 500 baptized members in good standing. It is considered the ‘mother church’ of Georgia, predating the existence of The Episcopal Church by more than 50 years. Read more
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