Sunday, 30 September 2007

Back to Church Sunday: How was it for you?

So Back to Church Sunday has been and gone. How was it for you?

We certainly had some 'Back to's' and even some 'never been's' (not in my time, anyway) at both the congregations for which I am responsible. This was due entirely to the efforts of the congregations at both. (All I did was wave my arms around a bit.)

Obviously, we've now got to decide what to do as a 'follow up'.

Probably the most striking thing was the age profile at St Peter's Ugley - a congregation which, when I arrived had an average age of about 72, and this morning was probably nearer 42.

Personally, I wish there had been more official support and encouragement from Diocesan Central. However, it would be great to post some stories from around the Diocese. If you e-mail in, I'll put them here.

Revd John Richardson

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