Thursday, 4 October 2007

Bishop of Willesden alleges 'injustice' at Wycliffe Hall

In an increasingly heated discussion on the Fulcrum 'Open Evangelical' website, the Bishop of Willesden, the Rt Revd Pete Broadbent, has alleged that the recent losses of staff at Wycliffe Hall theological college involved injustice, and possible illegality, on the part of the management.

'The point at issue,' he writes in one post, 'is whether it was done properly and fairly, and with due regard for legal process. And whether it was done pastorally, carefully, and with due regard for Christian principles. I would suggest that the answer is "no" in both cases.'

Earlier, he had written, 'Of course I'm very angry about this, because these are friends of mine who have been shafted.'

Most recently, he challenges the college management to respond in the public arena: 'If they can explain and justify their actions against the background of all the criticisms contained in the press reports, the letters from former staff, the broadcast interviews on Radio 4 and Radio Ulster and the resignation letter from the member of Council, then we shall be getting somewhere.'

Believing he has firm grounds for his criticisms, Bishop Broadbent has made clear his own preferred course of action: 'If I had the money,' he wrote, 'I'd take them to an industrial tribunal to seek to prove that due process was not followed.'

Revd John P Richardson
4 October 2007

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Peter M. Head said...

Presumably John you agree that this looks the likeliest explanation. I hope some independent tribunal will be convened to sort it all out. Micah 6.8.

Revd John P Richardson said...

Hi Peter

Can you please let us have your location, as per the posting policy. Your profile is not enough in itself to qualify for this post to remain on this blog.

On your first point, no, I have no idea what are the rights and wrongs of the Wycliffe situation, though I do feel rather too many other people think they know.