Wednesday, 10 October 2007

CAM Core Group meets

The 'Core Group' of Chelmsford Anglican Mainstream met on Monday this week. A number of matters were discussed, including an update on the situation regarding the non-ordination of Richard Wood at Dagenham Parish Church.

It is planned to write to the list of contacts in Diocese in the near future, appraising them of a number of issues and identifying the potential need for financial support for Richard whilst his future status is still under consideration.

Concern was expressed that although the House of Bishop's guidelines on Civil Partnerships state that partnered gay clergy should expect to be asked whether their relationship is in accordance with the standards set out in Issues in Human Sexuality, no public assurance has to be given. It was felt that the impression would inevitably be created that the Church of England now accepted behaviour which it in fact continues to hold is contrary to God's will.

It was also pointed out that, since some people would not, in conscience, be able to attend the installation or licensing of clergy in such relationships, this was creating de facto a structural breach in the fellowship of the Church.

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