Friday, 12 October 2007

BBC fights AIDS with 'GI Jonny' in student SHAG weeks

(Ed: Confused? I know I am. Not least by the fact that I'm involuntarily helping to pay for it.)

G.I. Jonny is a viral information campaign produced by the BBC to raise awareness about HIV in the UK.

The campaign runs from 1 October until World AIDS Day on 1 December 2007.

The aim is to empower teenagers and young people with the facts about HIV and encourage them to protect each other from infection by sharing this information.

You can support the campaign in a number of different ways. Customise your own G.I. Jonny action figure here on the campaign website, download the G.I. Jonny Facebook application or attend an awareness event in your town or at your college or university. However you choose to get involved with G.I. Jonny, we want you to inform yourself with vital HIV facts and protect your friends by passing this information on.

G.I. Jonny has been developed in partnership with and is supported by the Terrence Higgins Trust (THT), a leading HIV and sexual health charity

The BBC and THT would like to thank Durex for assisting this campaign by providing 150,000 free condoms for distribution at events throughout the UK. Go to the site

For SHAG week events, go here.

All in the best possible taste!

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