Friday, 28 September 2007

Welsh Anglicans reject Covenant over orthodox stance on sexuality

THE GOVERNING Body of the Church in Wales has voted to reject the draft version of the Anglican Covenant following a speech denouncing the document by Archbishop Barry Morgan. Addressing the General Assembly on September 18, Dr Morgan said that while he endorsed in principle the concept of a unifying document for the Anglican Communion, he could not accept the one on offer from the committee chaired by the Primate of the West Indies, Archbishop Drexel Gomez, due to its traditional stance on homosexuality. “The original intention of a Covenant to affirm the bonds of affection was good,” he argued. “The indications now are that many see it as a contract, a means of ensuring a uniform view on human sexuality enforceable by the threat of exclusion from the Communion if one does not conform. I certainly do not want to sign up to that kind of Covenant,he said.Dr Morgan argued that the Lambeth Quadrilateral, a 19th century document designed to foster the reunion of Anglican and non-Anglican Churches, was a better vehicle for uniting Anglican churches. “The Lambeth Quadrilateral of scripture, creeds, sacraments and historic episcopate are no longer sufficient credentials for being an Anglican,” he observed. “A particular view of human sexuality is also required. That devalues scripture by restricting its moral values simply to what it might be saying about sexual relationships and turns the Bible into a kind of rule book where texts can be wrestled out of context.” Read more
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