Monday, 24 September 2007

Nigerian Anglicans speak on leadership, corruption and Lambeth

[...] The standing committee commended the efforts of the immediate past administration and the present government for their determined war against corruption and urged the present administration, and all Nigerians, to intensify the battle until it is fully won and the scourge of corruption eradicated from the nation.

On the problems of the Niger Delta, the committee expressed grave concerns about the worsening situation of insecurity and violence there and called on all stakeholders to halt the agonizing cycle of violence and retribution. It said determined and collective efforts should be accelerated to identify and address all the underlying issues and patterns of injustice that have destroyed much of the hope of the people of the Niger Delta.

On lawlessness, highway safety and public hygiene, the Standing Committee called upon the government to intensify the rehabilitation of roads to save lives and protect property. It said it was also concerned about increasing lawlessness on the roads and urged public office holders to restore a legal and healthy driving culture by insisting on driving tests and compliance with traffic rules. Delegates also called on all Nigerians to recognize that they have a collective responsibility for the environment and exercise personal discipline.

On the Lambeth Conference, the Standing Committee unanimously commended and endorsed the stand taken by the Primate and entire Church leadership within the Anglican Communion. Read moreNo comments will be posted without a full name and location, see the policy.

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