Sunday, 23 September 2007

'Stay away from Chelmsford Alpha courses,' say pagans

(Ed: A curiosity I came across whilst looking for internet links for 'Chelmsford' and 'evangelism'. Nice to know there are other, 'softer' Christian groups that pagans feel they can trust, though.)


The average Pagan is now not able to differentiate between tolerant Christian groups that may deserve dialogue and the furtive, subversive fundamentalist groups that fully intend to undermine, disenfranchise and eventually destroy Paganism from within.

They are unable to differentiate because the leaders whom they have trusted appear incapable of telling the difference and have outcast the very Pagan groups that have been monitoring these crafty fundie gambits. Because of this ridiculous situation your average Pagan (and especially newcomers to the Old Religion) are sitting ducks for well tried conversion tactics.

Take for example the story of one Tracey Russell. Tracy's conversion to Christianity from Wicca was reported in the January edition of UK FOCUS (an ALPHA supplement to the Church of England newspaper). This woman had been following a Wiccan path when she met her future husband. She told everyone that she was a Pagan because she thought it "Looked Cool". She had attended Pagan moots and rituals and was praying to the Goddess "Not God" (as she put it). Her Xtian boyfriend 'disapproved' of her Pagan beliefs and after attending an Alpha Course she realised the "Error" of her ways. Her conversion was complete and her nice new Alpha friends approved of her total rejection of the evils of Witchcraft.

We mention this example as it is now a commonplace occurrence. The point is that highly organised fundie groups (like those connected with Alpha) offer individuals the chance of love, new friendships and spiritual salvation at a 'price,' which is total conformity to an intolerant belief system that perceives Paganism as being morally and theocratically bankrupt! 'Christ or the Devil' is the way that they 'always' see the situation, which leaves NO room at all for fair-minded compromise. Read more

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