Tuesday, 25 September 2007

Bishop of Lichfield: appointment of gay bishops wrong without proper debate

The Bishop of Lichfield has said a rift in the Church of England over the issue of gay bishops is likely to lead to a permanent split.

The Rt Rev Jonathan Gledhill said the American Churches were wrong to appoint a gay bishop and said 95 per cent of the Anglican Community would agree.

Churches in America have been given until September 30 to reverse their stance on gay bishops by the Anglican Communion.

Religious leaders in the UK have said it could split the Church of England.

The Bishop of Lichfield told the Express & Star he had a traditional view of homosexuality and viewed the appointment of gay bishops as wrong.

He said: “I have friends who are gay and I am very fond of them and life is very complex for them. I don’t want a split at all but the reason for it not so much the moral issue, it is the fact the Americans have gone ahead without a debate. We need to have a debate, that’s the real cause of the split. Read more

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