Tuesday, 11 September 2007

Province of Central Africa 'breaks up'

(Ed: I am conscious that the article posted below contains an allegation against Revd Nick Henderson which he denies. Linking to this article should not be seen as endorsing that allegation.)

THE Anglican Province of Central Africa broke up yesterday following the withdrawal of Harare Diocese and expressions of intent to pull out by other dioceses that accused the province of failing to censure some bishops dabbling in homosexuality.

The Diocese of Manicaland also expressed its intention to quit the province along with one other Zimbabwean diocese.

Its bishop said he needed to report to his diocese first before going public, making it three out of Zimbabwe's five dioceses.

According to the Standing Orders of the Province of Central Africa, once one diocese withdraws, the province becomes null and void and will have to be reconstituted under a new name and structure.

In highly charged presentations to the Provincial Synod that opened and ended here on Saturday, Bishop Elson Jakazi of Manicaland - who moved the motion for the dissolution of the province - and Vicar General of Harare Diocese Venerable Harry Mambo Rinashe - who seconded - took the outgoing Archbishop, the Right Reverend Dr Bernard Amos Malango, and the homosexual lobby within the province to task over the issue.

Both men described homosexuality as an unnatural abomination that had no place in the house of God. Read more
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