Wednesday, 12 September 2007

Christian faith slices through youth crime

It's back to what works. Kids in Sunday school and worship works. Kids being shown proper home discipline works. Kids active in school programs works. This is not according to Dr. James Dobson Studies. It's according to a research just handed media from the University of Washington.

What's going on in a youth's life as related to church, home and school counts big time in that child's maturing. These are called "protective factors" by those conducting the study, according to The Washington Times' Jennifer Harper. So we're called back to "the good old days" by those scoping out youngsters' behavior.

In fact, the researchers highlight that, even in some of the worst neighborhoods, value-oriented persons should not give up all hope. There's a light shining in that section of the city. It's the church. There are those church youths who are surrounded with all sorts of temptations to do wrong but who mainly do right. It's because they attend the church activities where another lifestyle is offered than what they find in the streets. Read more
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