Friday, 14 September 2007

Chelmsford Anglican Bible Conference 2007: The Problem of Suffering - Where is God in the Bad Times?

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The problem of suffering affects us all. It is also a challenge to our evangelism. Radio broadcaster John Humphrys asked three key religious leaders the same question: "Why does God allow suffering?" and each time he received an answer that left him dissatisfied. The result is his new book, In God we Doubt.

The seventh Chelmsford Anglican Bible Conference takes a look at the problem of suffering through the experience of Job asking, as he did, "Where is God in the bad times?"

Christopher Ash, Director of the Cornhill Training Course, will be the main speaker, whilst Deborah Kelly of Grace Church, Wanstead, will speak from her own study of Wisdom Literature and her experience of faith and suffering in ministry.

To book, contact Lynn Marston ( The cost for the day is £15 (3 people £40, 5 people £60).

Saturday October 6th 2007
Central Baptist Church, Chelmsford

Programme from 9.30am to 3.30pm

Arrivals and registration
Job 1-3: The Darkness of Grief
Job 4-27: The Agony of Trust
Praise and Prayer
Job 28: Perplexed without Despair
Video presentation
Job 38-42: The God who is God
Application of CABC
Prayer and Praise

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