Friday, 14 September 2007

All quiet on the Central Africa front?

(Ed: Given that this report, which differs markedly from others, appears on the official TEC website, I am inclined to think (a) things probably went worse than the report below says and (b) that TEC has a stake in whatever is being played out in Central Africa.)

The recent synod of the Church of the Province of Central Africa went very well, contrary to some reports from the secular press in Harare, according to the Rev. Emmanuel Sserwadda, the Episcopal Church's Partnership Officer for Africa.

Sserwadda attended the synod at the invitation of Central Africa Archbishop Bernard Amos Malango.

"There was a very good feeling," Sserwadda said of the meeting.

Bishop of Northern Zambia Albert Chama, former provincial secretary, was elected dean of the province, he said. The election to replace Botswana Bishop Trevor Mwamba in the position came during the episcopal synod which customarily meets prior to the synod.

Press reports that Mwamba had been fired by Malango are untrue, Sserwadda said. Mwamba preached at the synod's closing Eucharist. Sserwadda and Bishop Michael Doe, general secretary of the United Society for the Propagation of the Gospel, (USPG), vested and participated in the service. Read more

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David Cohen, London said...

The presence of Bp Doe sets alarm bells ringing. What agenda is he pursuing in Central Africa? TEC's? His own?