Friday, 18 May 2007

SPCK, rhymes with "You do what I say"

Ed: if you think there might be problems with the managerial regime at Wycliffe Hall, just read this article about directions being given to managers of SPCK bookshops, which were recently taken over.

Additionally, there should be no square centimeter that is within our shops (anywhere) or on the space outside our shops (sidewalks, etc.) that is not ALWAYS tidy and spotless. I do not care if the windows were washed ten seconds ago, if they are dirty again, then they need immediate attention. If the shop floor was vacuumed (Hoover’d, Henry’d, etc) 30 seconds earlier, if there is dust or dirt on the floor, then it is the responsibility of the shop manager to ensure that this is promptly remedied. Again, this does not matter if the manager is on or off duty. Failure here means a failure to properly manage. Read more

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