Wednesday, 16 May 2007

American dioceses to look for overseas Primatial oversight?

Ed: The question mark at the end of the headline is because this is from Ruth Gledhill's blog and, much as we love her, Ruth sometimes gets it wrong. Nevertheless, if she is right about this, it is indeed sensational. PS, now you're here, why not visit the Ugley Vicar blog?

Sensational news from the US. Forth Worth is to seek 'alternative primatial oversight' from an African primate. Quincy and at least three others of the Network dioceses are expected to follow suit. (Some of the Network affiliates want to continue to work it out with TEC.) I don't know which African Primate is to be approached, save that it is not Peter Akinola. Being Forward in Faith dioceses, they'll be looking in a catholic rather than evangelical direction. Malango perhaps? Fort Worth's standing committee and executive are meeting this afternoon, and we can expect a statement after that, around midnight GMT. Read more

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