Thursday, 17 May 2007

This is England: £80 fine for woman after grandchild drops Quavers

Ed: That's the nasty flavoured crisp things, not a couple of notes in a musical recital. Reminds me of a tee-shirt I saw in Singapore which read, "Singapore - it's a fine city", followed by a list of the things you could be fined for. I'd be sympathetic to the Council if the woman hadn't just gone to the effort of picking up the packet itself.

A woman was handed an £80 litter fine after her toddler grandchild dropped some crisps on the pavement.

Barbara Jubb had picked up the packet of Quavers when it fell from the hand of 20-month- old Emily.

But she failed to pick up two stray crisps that spilled from the bag.

Within seconds two council litter wardens swooped and issued her with an £80 fine.

"This is diabolical," said Mrs Jubb, 57. "£80 is a lot of money, especially if it's just because a baby dropped two Quavers." Read more

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