Friday, 18 May 2007

Chester Archdeacon's encouragement for Back to Church Sunday

[...] Inviting people back is the key. There can be other events or campaigns to reach those who have never been to church, but Back to Church Sunday is for a very specific group of people. So often I have met people who used to be regulars at church, even in their childhood, and for one reason or another have fallen away. They may have had an issue or problem with the church or the minister at the time (although many simply drift away as life circumstances change), but when I have asked people if they used to enjoy church or benefit from it or value it they almost always say yes. Memories of church tend to be positive. Inviting people back, especially inviting them to go with a friend, makes them feel valued and wanted. Some may decline the invitation, but very few will be offended by it. Read more

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