Thursday, 26 April 2007

Why not mark Pluralism Sunday?

[...] Pluralism Sunday event organizers are encouraging committed Christians to visit congregations other than their own. The idea here is that faith is not threatened, but indeed can be deepened, by exposure to other expressions of the same core beliefs. Among students of religious studies this practice is sometimes referred to as “cross training,” pun intended.

Pluralism Sunday is also being promoted, in part, as an invitation to the unchurched, or to those who have rejected Christianity’s long standing and often “wild” theological claims, to feel welcomed into worship communities and give the faith another go. Fair enough.
But then come the assertions which make traditionalists and evangelicals uneasy.

One press release from TCPC states: “one does not need to believe that Jesus is the only way to God in order to be a Christian.” This statement is used as part of the progressive inducement to visit a modern (or is that post-modern?) Christian church. Read more

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