Wednesday, 25 April 2007

UCCF 'teaching false gospel'

Ed: I'm blogging this to demonstrate what dire straits evangelicalism seems to be heading into. The Bishop of Willesden says UCCF has 'fabricated' the reason for the break with Spring Harvest. This blogger below says UCCF is preaching a false doctrine. The Bishop of Durham says that the new principal of Oak Hill evangelical theological college, has contributed to a book on the atonement that is "sub-biblical".

Whoa, guys, gals! Lies, damned lies and evangelical blogging, or what?

[...] [Direct of UCCF, Richard] Cunningham’s teaching seems to imply that even the shedding of Jesus’ blood does not bring forgiveness, but is simply the execution of deserved punishment.

For more on this, see my post in preparation on Maltese theology.

I am sad that UCCF, for which I used to have great respect, has been led astray into teaching what looks like an anti-Christian false gospel. I am glad that Spring Harvest has at last been able to break its partnership with people who are propagating false teaching which can only do more harm than good. Read more

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