Monday, 23 April 2007

So what's wrong with Englishness?

(Ed: Surely, still, an important issue for the Church of England to address. Incidentally, the italicization is what is found in the Book of Common Prayer.)

[...] British luminaries who applaud expressions of Celtic, African or Catalan nationalism treat its English equivalent with disdain. According to them, England is not really a nation at all. They consider any of their fellow citizens who embrace English identity to be Morris-dancing nincompoops. The Tories oppose the creation of an English parliament even though they would be likely to dominate such an institution.

So, what is it about the idea of England that is somehow so unthinkable? If you ask, you are usually told it is something to do with race. Allow the English to become themselves, it is suggested, and their inner xenophobia would be unleashed. One argument put forward against St George's Day celebrations has been that the British National Party would hijack them. Read more

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