Thursday, 19 April 2007

UK Gay love, the Bishop and the Bible bashers

(Ed: This article is more worthwhile than the title might suggest, as it shows how the 'gay community' does actually pay careful attention to what is said about what the Bible says.)

This week, the Archbishop of Canterbury Rowan Williams ruffled the stuffy feathers of conservatives when he agreed to meet with liberal Episcopalian bishops later this year.

There will be more right-wing harrumphing following an address to theology students in Toronto in which Williams effectively snatched away the textual crutch of the anti-gay Bible bashers.

He said conservative Christians who cite the Bible to condemn homosexuality are misreading a key passage written by Saint Paul almost 2,000 years ago. Saint Paul’s Epistle to the Romans is the firebrand favourite for justifying everything from barring gays as priests to drowning them in boiling oil. Read more

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