Tuesday, 17 April 2007

Selfishness has brought on abortion 'crisis'

[...] The reluctant young doctors also know what a joke, what a legal fig leaf, is the system whereby two doctors have to certify that there is more risk to the physical or mental health of the mother from continuing the pregnancy than from termination (which, itself, is shown to increase the risk of serious depression). They know that the spirit of the 1967 Act is light years away from the 2007 practice: they know that without ever having debated or voted on it, we effectively have abortion on demand. And they know that this is the dodgy result of four decades of nods, winks, strident campaigning and secular consensus. And as the abortions increase and the stigma apparently fades, at the same time those emotive pictures from the womb get better and better, and passionate legal cases are fought over minute frozen foetuses . . .

So it was going to happen, this doctorly reluctance. There was eventually bound to be a shortage of volunteers to cooperate in what is sometimes an act of sorrowful mercy, but sometimes one of careless selfishness or neurotic control-freakery. Read more

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