Sunday, 25 March 2007

Slave Trade 'a blessing in disguise'

[...] Without the Slave Trade it would have been difficult for my ancestors to have received the education, exposure and opportunities that came their way the time that it did. It reminds one of the story of Joseph in the Bible, who rose to prominence in a foreign land and who was used by God for His people. Though slavery in any form is inhuman, it is possible sometimes that God brings good out of evil. It is true that the Europeans (even the Church of England was involved) came to take us slaves and treated us badly and thousands died on the voyage across the Atlantic yet, the fact remains that some of the slaves later became great people.

The name ‘Erugunjimi’ for instance, properly pronounced and understood means ‘slavery has favoured me.’ It was likely therefore that the name was an appellation either given to or given by Mr. Henry Johnson himself. I therefore align myself with my great great grand father and can categorically say that the Slave Trade was a blessing in disguise to the Johnson family. Read more

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