Tuesday, 27 March 2007

Back to Church Sunday: tasks for February/March

If you are planning to be one of those churches taking part in Back to Church Sunday across the Diocese of Chelmsford, these are (were!) the tasks for February and March:

  • Find some people who have come back to church, either through Back to Church Sunday or in other ways.
  • Ask these returnees who invited them, how they enjoyed church and a little about their story of faith, as they are comfortable to share it
  • Having these stories will help you:
    • Promote the idea in diocesan newsletters and on the web
    • Support the promotion of the day internally
    • Tell human interest stories for a diocesan specific magazine for Back to Church Sunday and the Back to Church Sunday website
  • These people might take part in your media launch in September.
  • Think ahead for a date for this. Book your bishop if you can. Liaise with colleagues around the country about their plans. Launching on the same day maximises national publicity.
During May you will have to order your materials, so if you haven't discussed this at your PCC yet, you need to get a move on, especially with Annual Meetings coming up.

We are now listed as a participating diocese, but there is no information yet on the Diocsean website.

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