Tuesday, 27 March 2007

Changing Attitude welcomes TEC statement, notes 'dishonesty' in England

Changing Attitude England (Ed: Patron the Bishop of Chelmsford.) welcomes the statement and resolutions issued by the House of Bishops of The Episcopal Church at their recent meeting. The response agreed by General Convention in 2006 to the requests made of The Episcopal Church in the Windsor Report and the Primates’ Dromantine Communiqué of 2005 was made at huge cost to their gay and lesbian members. We stand with our brothers and sisters in Integrity who have worked tirelessly for the removal of all discrimination against LGBT people at every level of the life of The Episcopal Church and for the authorisation of a rite of blessing for lesbian and gay relationships. [...]

Since 2005, many priests have registered their partnerships. Some of them spoke of their partnerships during the debate in General Synod on 27 February 2007. Many bishops refuse to ask them such an intrusive and inappropriate question.

England has a number of gay bishops, some partnered, and over 1,000 lesbian and gay priests, many living with their partners. Most of them live discretely, knowing that a witch hunt might take place were they to be more open about their relationship.

Several hundred lesbian and gay couples have had their relationship blessed in church by a priest over the past 20 years. In some parishes this is done publicly with the full approval of the Parochial Church Council and the knowledge of the Diocesan Bishop.

If The Episcopal Church and the Anglican Church of Canada are to be expelled from the Anglican Communion, then the Church of England will also eventually be expelled because our practice is exactly the same as theirs in all respects except openness and honesty. Read more

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