Wednesday, 28 March 2007

Bishop of Bristol: Government guilty of 'abuse of power'

Ed: The Bishop of Bristol looks remarkably like the Bishop of Chelmsford in the original version of this story.

[...] Bishop Hill feels strongly that the Government has handled the SORs irresponsibly and is guilty of an ‘abuse of power’. “It feels like one group with power has exercised that power over another group of people in a way which has been very un-consultative,” he said. “In a way which seems to me to be thought through only at a very superficial level.”

He said he was not against gay people having rights in society, but “the issue now, to me, is secondary to the process by which people like me, who have a religious disposition or people even with a moral disposition, can be walked over in an un-consultative way without the right to exercise our right of conscience.” Read more

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