Monday, 23 June 2008

UK Schools: Church expands the holy grail of middle class

Christian state schools – the holy grail of middle-class parents trying to avoid crippling private school fees – are rapidly expanding their numbers.

Oasis Education and the United Learning Trust, two Christian charities, plan a leap in the number of academies they sponsor to 25 each. Their ambitious plans would boost the numbers able to send their children to religious schools, helping to fill pent-up demand for this educational niche.

But the Church of England is to top this. It plans an increase to 30 academies by September next year that would make it England’s biggest academy sponsor.

It is also in discussions on a further 54. David Whittington, head of school development, said the Church expected to meet its 2003 target of creating 100 new secondaries, including academies, by September 2008. Currently the Church of England has 12 open academies, the ULT 13 and Oasis three. Read more
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