Tuesday, 24 June 2008

Clergy find Anglican Church's investigation of gay ceremony 'disgraceful'

[...] The Church of England, like many other religious institutions, is experiencing a shuffling of policy towards the LGBT community. The consecration of openly gay priest Gene Robinson as bishop of New Hampshire by the U.S. Episcopal Church—the U.S. branch of the Anglican Church—caused movements toward a potential schism by more socially conservative bishops.

In October 2007, an Anglican Church diocese in Canada voted for the approval of same-sex blessings. The vote is not binding since the Canadian church does not allow dioceses to decide whether or not perform gay blessings on the basis of "preserving unity." Nevertheless, the vote reflects the ongoing internal struggle within the church.

The Church of England is facing more internal strife after bishops voted to approve the consecration of women. Over 500 priests have threatened to leave the church in protest. Two women in Australia have already been ordained as bishops.

There is a struggle within the Church of England, but behind its religious veneer there is a struggle for equality and justice. The contradiction between backward religious beliefs and the advances made toward the liberation of women and the LGBT community has allowed more progressive clergy members to force a debate on topics long considered taboo.

Traditional institutions under capitalism represent the reactionary ideologies of a class system based on division and exploitation. A united, working-class movement against the system that espouses such ideologies must counter it with a scientific view of the world and wage a struggle against all forms of bigotry and inequality. Read more
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