Friday, 9 May 2008

The Times: Premature baby study stokes row on abortion

[...] The MPs Dr Evan Harris, Jacqui Lait and Chris McCafferty, who are leading the campaign to defend the 24-week time limit for abortion, said: “This research completely blows out of the water the spurious claim of antiabortionists that the threshold of foetal viability has reduced from 24 weeks since the early 1990s.

“This reinforces the emerging findings from the nationwide EPICure 2 study which has also found no improvement in survival below 24 weeks when comparing all births in England in 2006 with 1995. The medical research literature is very clear that it is these whole-pop-ulation studies that provide the most reliable indication of survival rates.

“In contrast, single hospital figures, usually unpublished, that are cited by antiabortion groups are misleading because they preferentially select those cases which are likely to survive in the first case.” Read more
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