Thursday, 8 May 2008

Daily Telegraph: Neil Oliver: where have all the real men gone?

[...] According to Oliver, "manly men" have been "hunted to near-extinction in the British Isles. There's been some kind of politically correct revolution where we've forgotten - or discarded - the value of being manly men," he laments.

"When I was a wee boy, my dad didn't like it if I cried when I fell over, but now, boys, well…" He trails off. "It just feels like a Second World War way of being - Cub Scouts, campfires, stiff upper lip - has been eroded and forgotten."

One problem, says Oliver, is that British boys no longer have decent role models. "Who do young boys look up to?" he asks.

"When you look at people who've given their lives, that has a certain effect on you, instead of holding up as a hero someone who has managed to score from a free kick in the dying minutes of a football match.

"Being a serviceman or a lifeboat man - that kind of devotion is not deemed worthy of the same applause; they don't seem to matter. Now you even get servicemen discouraged from wearing their uniforms. I don't think you have to be an old Tory ex-colonel sabre-rattler to find that's wrong."

Oliver, 41, who lives in Stirling, central Scotland, with his partner, Trudi, and their two children, Evie, five, and Archie, two, also blames the new world of "stay-at-home dads" for the loss of old-fashioned, manly values. Read more
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