Thursday, 8 May 2008

Christian Today: Church Commissioners announce outstanding investment results

The Church Commissioners achieved a return of 9.4 per cent on their investments in 2007. This far exceeded the return of 7.0 per cent from the fund’s comparator group for that year, the WM All Funds Universe.

WM All Funds Universe is a collection of the investment results of UK pension funds and is widely used as an independent measure of the performance of funds.

Over the past 10 years, the Commissioners’ total return on their investments has averaged 9.5 per cent per year – placing them in the top two per cent of funds in the WM All Funds Universe for the decade.

As a result of this 10-year performance, the Commissioners’ asset value has grown to £5.67 billion, and the fund has been able to distribute £37 million more each year to the Church than if the investments had performed only at the industry average of 7.1 per cent per year over the last ten years. Read more
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